In our area we are surrounded by all sorts of wildlife, and this is one of the great pleasures of living in the mountains. You never know what is going to show up in your back yard!

foxy lady This fox is a permanent resident of Destiny Ranch.    We have gotten to  see her pups, we hear her barking  at night. I named her Foxy Lady.  Bill and I have seen  this animal many times on the property. For  several  reasons we think she is a mountain fox, but my friend  Gary  thinks she is a coyote.  What do you think?


Here Foxy Lady is hunting in the meadow.  Good Girl!foxy lady 2

There are all sorts of prey for Foxy Lady to take back to her litter.  Squirrels, mice, rabbits, birds, and other animals are plentiful and has allowed her to successfully produce litters throughout the years.




ducks cropped There is a beautiful seasonal pond on the ranch  that  draws a lot of  wild life. These ducks have been visiting  every Spring since we moved  here 9 years ago.  Look  how beautiful the drake is. 

 The pond is about the size of 1/2 of a football field and  about 8 feet deep  in the middle.  It fills up with the  first rains, and remains throughout  the Spring,  completely drying up by August.  The buzzards help clean  up anything left for them to eat.  The pond was man made and has a  dam and a weir.  The dogs love to swim here in the Spring.



great blue heron

 This is a Great Blue Heron. We have only seen on on  the pond,  maybe she was lost. It did not stay for long  and when it saw us it  lifted its huge wings and was  gone as quickly as it had come .

 Unfortunately Bill was unable to focus his camera before this  Heron took wing, so the image is blurry.





 Since my picture of this lovely bird is so out of focus, we wanted to  show you what one really looks like. My friend and mentor found  this picture of a Great Blue Heron, that was taken on the eastern  coast of the US, so you could see a prime example of this  magnificent  bird.





 buzzard croppedHere is a buzzard looking for some yummy dead prey.    I think they are  so beautiful. They keep the forest  clean and healthy.

buzzards 2 cropped


 Here are some more buzzards just  waiting for the pond to dry up. Aren’t they kind of creepy looking here? Like a scene from The Birds. A Halloween I made an arrangement that mimicked the buzzards.  I will give instructions for this project around Halloween time.



buck And, all would not be complete without the deer.  This  buck is so  majestic.  I love him so much.  He has quite  a  harem, with many does  and fawns. 

 This is a black tailed deer and is part of the Tehama deer herd.  They  migrate over 100 miles and winters in  our area between October and  March.





moth I found this moth on the back patio and looked it up  on Google, and  closest I could guess is that it is a Cecropia moth. Isn’t it beautiful?






Here is an orange dragon fly next to the gold fish pond.