Our Chickens

Our chicken coop

This is our lovely chicken coop. Bill built it and it houses 6 to 8 hens  comfortably.  We were free ranging the chickens, but unfortunately a  hawk got my favorite girl,  so our next project will be to build a run,  fully fenced, for them to exercise without fear of getting killed by a  raptor.  They are now getting over molting and are starting to lay eggs  again.  Yum, fresh eggs make the best omelets; ask my sister, Jeannie,  as I made her many different kinds of omelets when I stayed with her in  November.


These are some baby chickens at about three weeks old.  Babies need special soft mash that is easy for them to eat.  Chicken food is found at your local feed store,  Their water has to be kept clean, and some pebbles large enough for the babies not to swallow them.  This keeps the babies from falling asleep in their water and drowning.  They are so cute when they are babies!  We will be adding another brood this spring, so watch for that soon.


Free ranging can be dangerous, and I am going to an urban farm this afternoon to see a method of free ranging that will deter the hawks from attacking our “babies”.
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[/column] [column size=”one-half”] When we got our first egg it was so exciting! The next day a few more appeared, then soon all the young hens were laying. What a luxury fresh eggs are. They are definitely worth the effort!
[/column][column size=”one-half” last=”true”] Don’t think for a minute that brown eggs can not be dyed for Easter….The are beautiful dyed different colors.