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Tomato Harvest!

Harvest time is later on the ranch than the flatlanders harvest time. The valley folks have already harvested their tomatoes as we have a different growing zone here on Destiny Ranch at 2700 ft. We usually have tomatoes well into November keeping us in fresh tomatoes longer that the valley keeps its farmers...


Honey Harvest!

You have seen the wild flowers that make up the honey on Destiny Ranch. The neighboring gardens provide much pollen for the bees as well as fruit trees growing next to the hive. Cherries, and peaches provide early blossoms for the bees. The harvest of honey was so bountiful this year! With only...


Wild Flowers Are Blooming!

These lovely blue flowers come up on the Ranch every year here and there through the property. They are called Bluedicks. DICHELOSTEMMA CAPITATUM CLUSTER-LILY FAMILY Thin Soils/Bedrock Outcrops medium tall; 6″-30″ The purple flowers of this species are packed in a tight cluster. Depending on the weather and habitat, individual plants can be...


Organic Farming at Amberglen

Amberglen features organically grown vegetables. This is beautiful broccoli. Here Asha is planting her organic pepper seeds. She is only putting a  hundred and fifty or so plants in this year (That’s all)?


Asha, Amberglen Beer Garden

I visited an urban farm that has an amazing vegetable garden, and of course, chickens. This is my friend Asha, who owns and manages the Amberglen Beer Garden. She is telling us where her chickens will be ranging next.  When Asha wants to free range her chickens, and yet keep them safe,  she...