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Easter Bunny Came Early This Year

The Easter Bunny came early this year. These large jack rabbits live in the meadow on the ranch but are very hard to take a good picture of. They run across the road in front of the car in the driveway. What fun it is to see their wild spirit!


Irish Setters, My Favorite Breed

As you well know the Irish setter is my favorite breed of dog.  They have a keen sense of gentleness and loyalty. The first record of this magnificent breed dates to 1859 in Great Britain. Since the end of World War 1, breeders have been working (with excellent results) at eliminating a genetic...


A Happy Rooster

Back home on Destiny Ranch, my rooster will be happy when he receives his gift of a movable day coop. Free-ranging can be accomplished in an open area by simply string ropes about 18 inches apart above the area. The Hawks won’t fly through the ropes, as they are afraid they won’t be...


Movable Chicken Coop

When Asha wants to free range her chickens, and yet keep them safe, she uses a movable large cage that she and her husband, Rick, have built. This cage does not have a bottom and can be moved all over the garden to let the chickens turn over the soil in-between growing seasons...