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Basket making is very therapeutic…so when I feel stressed I work on a basket and feel better soon.  This basket was made with pine needles, yarn and raffia.  Start with pine needles, shape a small round hole in the start with pine needles then cover them with your favorite ribbons or yarn or raffia.  This particular basket contains pine needles, yarn, ribbon, and dyed raffia all bought from my local craft stores.  See the pine needle ends poking out from the top of the basket?  It is lots of fun to let the pine needles appear, here and there throughout the basket. Have fun!


Let’s start a new art project!

art photo 1  This is a picture of a project in progress. Start with  an 11″ x  18″ piece of foam  core. Draw a pattern on the foam core with a pencil, so  you can erase it and  change it if you need to. I used up some yarn ends that were  left over from  previous projects.

 You will need a large bottle of Elmer’s Glue with a top that screws open and  leaves a line of glue when run along the foam core. Along each pattern piece, ring  that section with the color of yarn you want to fill the section. Now lay  the glue  bottle’s nozzle on the line and carefully make a line of glue. Let it get  tacky, it just  takes a few minutes. Now lay the color of yarn down along the top of the glue  line  you have made. Fill in spaces with the color yarn you want.

art photo 2
In this image you can see the detail of how I layer the yarn down on  each line of glue.  Sometimes you need to work on other sections of the  piece so the smaller sections can dry enough to set up well.  This is not  a project for someone who wants to get something done quickly, as this  piece in total took over 30 hours to complete.


art photo 3
Now she is coming along and the background has begun to be filled in.  You can  give the background different textures to break up the monotony of a single or  few color background. Like here I created circles with the yarn even though it  may be all the same color to make the texture more interesting.




art photo 4
This was a fun project for me. I love fiber arts, and many of my pieces are  centered around beautiful yarns and threads.  Hope you enjoyed seeing this  project as much as I enjoyed making it.  Get the resemblance….I think she looks  like me.  A real bird brain!   Have fun!