Long Hot Summer

Hi everyone! What a long hot Summer it has been! Statistics say we have had more days over 100 degrees than any other Summer on record.

Early in the Summer a pair of geese landed on the pond and hung out for a couple of days. I think they were on vacation, as I noticed them swimming all over the pond and honking joyfully! 




One way to get through a long hot summer is having friends over for a swim and a bar-b-que. We and our friends Sue and Steve are having “too much fun” after a cool dunk in the pool. 




I made stuffed tomatoes on a bed of mango salsa. The stuffing was a mixture of small shrimp with a little bit of chopped celery, and some minced garlic with about ¼ cup of mayo, a squirt of lemon juice , salt and pepper. Yum. 




A big reason these stuffed tomatoes were so yummy is because I used fresh vine ripened tomatoes, straight from the garden. 






The tomato harvest was amazing this year ! We got many tomatoes that weighed over a pound each. I purchased this plant at the grocery store, and the species is called Beef Steak, I guess because they grow larger than a center cut of steak. 









Many days passed hotter than an oven. Then there was the Eclipse! What an amazing event that was, and a dramatic end to a long hot summer. 

Of course we wore the correct glasses to view the natural wonder. 

So I hope it has been a great Summer for you and the coming Fall finds you happy and healthy.
Much love and hugs,

The Foodpusher.

My heart and prayers are with the people of Texas. May God bless you all.

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