Spring Has Sprung!

What’s Happening on the Ranch.

Spring has sprung and Destiny Ranch is decked out in all its’ glory!

The seasonal pond is full and soon it will be time for the dog’s to get to swim in it for a short time of the year. The pond will dry up by August , leaving it dry and clean.


The Red Bud was beautiful this year and this bush is getting so big! This one can be seen from our kitchen window, and is one of my favorites on the ranch. I love to watch it turn dark red in the Spring and then give way to dark green round leaves for the rest of the summer.



White violets in the garden grow wild and spread well. These are near the border of the flower garden.





Ornamental Thyme grows near the waterfall and has these dark pink blossoms.






The fish in the small pond are still doing very well and fared the winter well. An electric wire keeps them safe from wild critters.





The cherry tree is in bloom and I hope we get more than last year, when the birds got them all. We have purchased a net to put over the fruit when it starts coming on and helps to keep the birds from eating all the cherries!





Early Spring sunlight on the eagerly blooming trees was a magnificent sight this year. Aren’t the oaks and shinny pines lovely?






This is “Buck Brush” which grows wild by the meadow and near the solar field. The bushes are not easily cleared, yet we will be removing some this summer.


The bees are buzzing happily all around the ranch pollinating all the fruit trees and the early blooms such as this lilac.

Dark purple Iris are everywhere on the Ranch and are in full swing.





Chauncey is planting a new garden. Wonder what he will plant, or more likely what he will dig up!





I couldn’t finish without showing all of you Bill’s lawn. He reseeded it late in winter and it really paid off with grass as green as an Irish glen…



And Spring would not be complete without some colored ranch fresh eggs. These eggs are all from our own chicken of whom are all fat and healthy.

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