Fun Day At The Pond On Destiny Ranch

We had a very fun experience just a few days ago as we played in our seasonal pond here on Destiny Ranch. The dogs just love the water and it is a blast taking them down to the pond for an early Spring romp.

This is the first time we have been able to go down to the pond this Spring, because of a pair of neighboring Pit Bulls that were allowed to run loose and were coming onto our property and threatening our dogs, us, and our private property.

I do not dislike any dogs, but I do have a problem with owners who do not house their animals properly, letting them roam free. So let’s always remember to shut that gate and leave fresh water, to create a safe environment for all.

DSCF8471Our dogs have been trained to be off-leash when they are with us on our own land, under verbal command. Our puppy Chauncey O’Malley is still in training, so he is on a 25 foot lead that teaches him to never be too far from us when we are playing. This will happen until he is about two years old.



DSCF8469Now the seasonal pond is getting smaller and will dry up by July. When it is full we stock it with mosquito fish we get from the Fish and Game Dept. At the end of its’ season the buzzards come and clean any remaining fish and plant life. The frogs all go into their burrows for the Summer and will be heard loudly during the next rain, which could be all through the summer.




So always remember to keep your dogs inside of their safe enclosure or yard and they and the neighbors will thank you for your caring effort.

Have fun and stay safe this Summer! Hugs to all,

The Foodpusher

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