Charity Starts At Home


This is my wonderful Son Titus. He is my only child. He is 39 years old and is a very sweet person. He now lives with his girlfriend, Beth whom we think the world of.

We help their household whenever we can and make sure they are always OK. Bill is Ti’s step father and helps his Son in many ways. He makes many trips to town where he lives to help with many things.

If you have children who are in need, that is where your heart felt charity belongs and should be shared.
We give to charity’s such as The American Cancer Society and The Ocean Conservancy and I believe these kinds of charities are so important to the world, but this Christmas search your heart and ask yourself if you have done all you can to help any family members you may have in need, and let your charity start at home.

Love to all my precious readers! Love to all, and a very merry Christmas.

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