Goldfish Pond

This is the goldfish pond here on Destiny Ranch. We have over a hundred fancy goldfish who all except the original 5 were hatched in this pond. All but one of the five original fish are still living, and this pond is 10 years old! We can identify the fish by their markings, and almost all of them have names. My favorite is named Calico.

Koi cannot be kept in the same pond with fancy goldfish, because the Koi grow much larger than the fancies and are aggressive enough to kill the goldfish unless you have a very large pond.

Bill and a few helpers built this pond right before we moved to Destiny Ranch. When we imported our five goldfish from our smaller pond in the city, the fish started to spawn almost instantly, and have thrown over one hundred offspring. It is hard to know exactly how many goldfish there are because they do not hold still long enough to count!

A family friendly fish pond is easy to build and i will show you how we built ours!

First you will need to select a good site for your pond with at least one half sunshine and one half shade through the day.
Location in proximity to a nice view is important.
Choose a pond style.
Attain proper tools.
Make sure there is a water source and an electrical source near the site location.
Find Complete instructions on how to make your backyard pond in these popular books:Garden Pools Fountains and Waterfalls by Sunset.
Your Garden Pond by Tetra Pond written by K.H. Wieser and Dr. V.P. Loiselle

If you have even a small yard you can build a small fish pond. I hope you have fun with this wonderful project.

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