Tomato Harvest!

Harvest time is later on the ranch than the flatlanders harvest time. The valley folks have already harvested their tomatoes as we have a different growing zone here on Destiny Ranch at 2700 ft.

We usually have tomatoes well into November keeping us in fresh tomatoes longer that the valley keeps its farmers in fresh tomatoes. That is one really nice thing about living in the mountains!

We grow two different types of tomatoes here. Just Romas and Early Girls. My valley farmer friends do all sorts of Heirloom types, but I find my old tried and true varieties for my eating pleasure and sauce making.

This (left image) is the eating variety we grew this year. They slice well for salads and sandwiches.

For Sauce I use the Roma tomatoes. I really did not count them but I would guess there were about forty or fifty as they were not large. Just a “big pot full”. I just cut them in quarters and put them in the pot with 1/4 diced white onion, a tablespoon of salt, a teaspoon of granulated garlic, and a teaspoon of ground black pepper, which gives it a wonderful flavor. Boil the tomatoes until the sauce becomes as thick as you want it to be. Then cool the sauce to room temperature.

OK, now put your cooled sauce through your Food Mill. This is a wonderful tool that separates out the seeds, stems and peels from cooked tomatoes sauce.

tomato 6
Now put the sauce in your sterilized jars and into the pressure cooker for 45 minutes(35 minutes for lower elevation.) Doesn’t it look great? This will taste so good in the middle of winter! It will be like taking out a jar of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Even if you live in the big city somewhere you can grow tomatoes in a garden planter on a porch or a deck. They always taste so much better than store bought. So enjoy your fall harvests and until next time, enjoy your Fall in your own way! Love to all, The Foodpusher.

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