Honey Harvest!

You have seen the wild flowers that make up the honey on Destiny Ranch. The neighboring gardens provide much pollen for the bees as well as fruit trees growing next to the hive. Cherries, and peaches provide early blossoms for the bees.

The harvest of honey was so bountiful this year! With only one double decker hive, we achieved a harvest of 3 gallons of wild honey.

Of course we only take 1/3 of the honey in the hive, leaving the rest of the honey for the bees to rebuild their hive and thrive through the winter.

Smoking the bees to make them docile.

Cutting off the caps of the combs, to put into the extractor.

The honey extractor is a stainless steel drum where you place the prepared frames (where the sealed honeycomb caps have been removed). The frames are set toward the edge of the drum and a handle turns the frames, creating the centrifugal action of the drum that pushes the honey out of the honeycombs and collecting in the bottom of the drum. Then you open a spigot and out comes the honey. You filter it through cheese cloth into a clean container, then store them in jars for future usage.

Here is Bill opening the bee box. 

Bee facts:
Did you know that the honey bee is the only insect that produces food eaten by man?
Did you know that honey is 80 per cent sugars and 20 per cent water.
Did you know that it takes about 556 workers to gather 1 pound of honey from about 2 million flowers!

Thank you to the bees of Destiny Ranch! And to Bill who is the bee keeper.

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