Destiny Ranch has a new family member!

Two weeks ago we got a new puppy! He is so cute and wonderful, and of course, he is an Irish Setter! My friend Jeannette asked me to babysit for her last litter (which is where the puppy is from) and I fell in love with this boy!

He will not go in the show ring as he has not dropped his testicles which need to be intact for a show dog. I loved him from the beginning, and I usually get what I want, sooooo we have another Irish Setter!

chauncy o'malley 3
His name is Chauncey O’Malley and we love him so much already! Our dogs are getting used to him and Heidi is convinced she had a puppy and claimed him as her little boy when she presented him with all her toys. They play so well together already! Rusty Boy thinks he is going to hurt the puppy when they play and he is so gentle with him that it brought a tear to my eyes when he went up to Chauncey and licked his face. Good boy Rusty!



Chauncey had never seen grass before he got to the Ranch, and he thinks it is divine!

Chauncey with Heidi’s toys.

Waking up in the morning with Chauncey is allot of fun. He loves to eat his breakfast first thing!



chauncy o'malley 6
Dad is tired but the puppy is not! Bill has been taking much care of the new boy. He is such a great Daddy! Now he wishes Chauncey was as tired as he was, bed time comes early on the Ranch, and Chauncey says he wants to stay up. Sorry Chauncey, time for bed. Good night for now! Until next time, we will be counting stars.

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