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Time to feed the dogs. We feed our dogs two times a day. Dogs get hungry through the day just like people do if they only eat once a day. Cut your dogs daily intake of dog food in half and give them a breakfast and a dinner. Dogs that eat twice a day seem much more satisfied and happy than dogs who only receive one meal a day.

So feed your dog before you go to do your day and again in the evening when you eat your dinner. You will see the difference in your dogs temperament immediately. Feeding time on the Ranch is fun and noisy. We let them talk loudly at meal time expressing their Joy. Besides walks, this is their favorite time of day. Rusty-Boy thinks every feeding is a speed eating contest, eating like he will never experience another meal in his life!

Once when John (rusty-boy’s breeder) was here at feeding time, he proclaimed that Rusty-Boy would eat a bowl of marbles if you set it in front of him. I had to laugh and agree.

heidi 1
Heidi has food allergies and has to have a special diet. She eats a prescription only dog food prescribed by her dermatologist for her allergies, called Royal Canin. It is expensive, but Heidi breaks out in a skin rash when she eats any red meat or gluten. This food is expensive, but after all she is worth it.

For Rusty- boy we feed and organic food he loves called Natures Domain.

So feeding time here is fun and healthy, as they never get people food which can cause obesity in dogs, and other serious dietary dysfunctions. After all your dogs are not a garbage disposal. so for their good health’s sake, never feed them “scraps”!

heidi 2
Exercise is very important to dogs as well as people. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, weather you throw a ball for them to retrieve, or you go on long walks with them, the important thing is to get out and get moving. I believe that E+E=E. That means Effort plus Exercise Equals Energy. I like it even better than Einstein’s theory! Have a nice walk!…



heidi 3
Rest after eating or exercise if very important. And does Heidi ever know how to rest. here she is kicking back on the unmade day bed after breakfast. She is so spoiled!




heidi 4
The love you receive from your dogs is equal to the love you give them. You will be adored by your well loved dog!

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